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    • Hi, we are a group of Spanish people interested in geting in the Empire camp this next year. We were informed that since we do not speak German, we cannot go as soldiers of any imperial province, but there was the option of going as Estalian mercenaries.
      Our intention is to introduce ourselves properly with pictures and all, but before that, we need to finish our troop uniforms.
      We are deciding whitch pattern of colours should we wear and it would be helpful to know what colors we can wear or are already taken.

      Estalia wears red and yellow, but Talabecland does too, thats our main concern.

      I add some designs we are considering and a protoype of gambeson.
      Feel free to comment anything you would change.

      ESTALIA 1.jpegESTALIA 2.jpegestalia 3.jpeg.

    • Hey

      I really like the idea of Estalian mercenaries!

      How many of you will be there? So do you intend do form a fighting group of your own? If so it'll work out better if you'd be more then just 5 people. But even if you're less don't worry, we'll find a way to let you blend in ;)

      to the topic of colors: I belief it won't be a problem you wearing yellow and red, as long as you dress clearly in a 'spanish' fashion. Like in a cliche of the movie Alatriste f.ex.
      Plus I'd also recommend you using a lot of leather and earthy looking like materials and different shades of brown. Dirty and dusty as to speak :)

      Cheerio, Fabian
    • Colorwise Yellow/Red shouldn't get confused with Talabecland, especially as the Talagrader Pioneers and Talabheim Grenadiers wear Red/White.
      And I haven't seen a Talabecland soldier in 2019 on the EE. Maybe in an earlier year.

      Also the spanish style trouser with high socks, Morion helmets and just speaking Estilean is enough to be unique. :)
      But as far as I know you have some guys who work for that spanish Prop Factory. So I think we will see some good stuff soon.
    • Ignazius Köppen schrieb:

      Talagrad and Talabheim are not Talabecland. Different province!
      Well yes. But Talagrad and Talabheim are located in Talabecland but have a different color sheme.
      So like Ignazius said. No current group uses Red/Yellow.

      But of course the Camp-Leadership has there the final word.
    • Personally i would prefer a group of english speaking empire soldiers over Estalian mercenaries. Simply because we are the imperial camp not the " Warhammer everything goes old world camp".

      If we allow Estalian mercenaries, you must also allow Bretonian charakters or Kislev Players...
    • Don´t be so picky guys...

      These Spanish Folks are willing to put a lot of effort into coming to our camp in germany.
      We should support them, not argue over minor matters.

      I can speak only for myself but:
      We would love to have you with us!
      Estalian Mercenaries is a awesome concept!
      If you are really doing this, i am looking forward to fight/drink allongside with you Brothers!

      I dont think that these Band of Mercenaries would open the Door for other "Oldworld" Players.
      Look at the Style of the Clothing!
      Estalia is obviosly on the same cultural level es the Empire, thus they are very likely to band together with us and blend in.
    • Aye, for I am too welcoming them fully with their Estilean style and Conquestadori grandeur.
      They don't run as a spanish medieval group, they run as Estileans, in a niche hobby fantasy world they take a niche concept and bring it to live.

      If Estilea is on the same cultural level as an empire born free men, is different thing. I think they believe that giant ratmen are not a childstory but plan in secret to take over the empire. Nonsense if you ask me. ;) Their love for Myrmidia is a good thing though. Although they would benefit far more from our savior Sigmar.
    • First of all Welcome to the Empire.

      I think it is one thing to have ONE province-troop to speak english, which would work perfectly fine with me as I think you can suppose everybody to communicate in english.
      But to have a group that contains of persons not capable to speak either english or german is really quite difficult in my mind and is a complete different case.

      The idea to have two groups of the same province not speaking the same language, wouldn't work at all I 'm affraid. (sorry there are allready some gorgeous Averland-troopies ;) and yes this would be a problem to us to be fair and honest)

      To keep a long story short Estalian-Mercenaries would be absolutly fine the colours you proposed aren't used so feel free.
      And for Mercenaries it would even be somekind of "okayish" if only the Leader speak english.
      (Don't get me wrong, I absolutly don't care which language you use inside your Group! :saint: )

      So that is my opinion, I hope I made my case and don't Insult you anyhow
      Greeting out of the Averland